Amita Coffee
Company branding, visual identity and packaging design


Amita is an independent coffee company based in Lincoln, who produce small batches of hand-made coffee with a distinct and diverse range of blends. The creative branding brief was for a visually striking, strong recognizable brand style underpinned with a 'coffee for the masses' narrative.


We based the identity around the character 'A' that resonated clearly within the brand name. We stylized the 'A' in a heavy chisel font to emphasize the weight and strength already present in the natural triangular geometry of the character and ensure that the logo face of the brand name came from the same geometric font gene pool.

With the coffee house producing small batches of blends, it was important that the company branding was easy to hand-finish onto coffee packs and so a series of branded ink stamps and labeling templates were produced to create a cost-effective, customizable packaging design system that would accommodate their diverse range of blends.

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