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"Some businesses believe branding doesn't matter if they have a valuable product. Others consider branding as a secret sauce that will convince people that their product is valuable."

Based in South London, Pearspring provides houseplants and botanical goods to the discerning residents of East Dulwich and the surrounding area.


I created a bespoke logo face to serve as the main company logo together with a more elaborate, illustrative floral badge to adorn packaging, promotional items and less formal communications. A specially commissioned, bespoke mosaic was also designed to sit within the shop entrance.


The brand relies on only a single colour which is used sparingly as an accent within the branding, giving the visual identity an unlaboured beautiful, utilitarian feel.

The visual identity uses a single colour and is used sparingly as an accent within the branding to give an unlaboured beautiful, yet utilitarian feel.

Shop Branding and Identity by Brand agency in London

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